About the NGO

The Organization for the Aid of People with Dystrophies (OAPD) is a NGO formed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by dystrophic persons, physiotherapists, psychologists and friends who, motivated by the situation of many carriers of this disease, decided to take action in providing them with greater longevity, welfare and social inclusion.

Target audience

The projects developed by OAPD are aimed at dystrophy carriers and their families, highlighting the following aspects:

  • Dystrophic persons with limited financial resources;
  • Carriers of the worst forms of the disease;
  • Family members, caregivers and dystrophic persons with little knowledge about the disease.

General purpose

Dystrophic patients support necessary for a better life with more dignity, inclusion and also physical and psychologically well-being.

Specific objectives

Whenever is possible and linked to OAPD’s financial and structural resources:

  • To organize meetings between family members, carriers and professionals of various areas;
  • To organize lectures and congresses aimed at divulging the disease and promoting volunteering;
  • To promote social inclusion;
  • To make available and/or feasible the access to useful and necessary information to the patient with dystrophy, his family and friends.


  • Aline Morais
  • Edivania Lopes Cortês
  • Estevão Simões Augusto
  • Francisco C. da Mota
  • Global Care
  • Joed Assessores Contábeis Ltda.
  • Keyte Guedes
  • Liliane Pellegrini
  • Lumiar Saúde
  • Mara Gabrilli
  • RM2 Soluções Gráficas
  • Roberta Sodero Saccani
  • Sorrentino Estúdio Gráfico e Digital
  • Unicare Saúde

The OAPD team

  • Juliana Verdiani – Physiotherapist and Chairwoman

The OAPD team